Army Wife Loses Mind Moving

Seriously, I think that could be a headline.  Since we started packing, everything has been neglected.  Now that we're unpacking, it might be worse.  

Recent Revelations:
1. I still dislike moving.  Not the relocation part, but the packing part.
2. No matter how good you think your movers are, there are always hidden surprises.
3. Downsizing from a 1600 sq. ft. house to a 700 sq. ft. apartment is complete INSANITY. 
4. I need to purge.  Purge a lot.  Craigslist might be getting more attention than e-mail.
5. I can sneak a dog into a hotel room, but I can't make him sleep. ;)

So enough of that.  I am still somewhat in boxes.  Especially my scrapbooking stuff.  That may not see the light of day for another week or so.  I may also need to do another giveaway.  Yes, seriously.

Found this today, which made my day!   Domino Magazine has a new home on - check out the growing list here!  I'm currently reading "How to decorate a (very) small apartment"  Love this apartment.

Its amazing how wall paper can change an entire look.  Unfortunately, wall paper is out of the question for us, but something needs to be done!

Also love the "How to control your clutter" article. Uhhh, clutter? Why, yes, thank you - right here!

I definitely have a ton of books and several trays.  Corralling "stuff" in trays is my specialty. 

I realize, none of this has anything to do with scrapbooking, however, pretty things are always inspirational and having a good space to work in seems to be critical.

Happy Hump Day! xo!


  1. Love love love those pics, All of those frames are just adorable and super in ( as far as I am concerned! LOL) Good luck with the unpacking, I feel your pain, my husband and I and our two cats have been STUFFED into a tiny 2 bedroom condo, really its like a 1 BR due to the fact that the other is home to my scrap world and all of the overflow that just refuses to fit anywhere else!

    Hope you get some sort of order soon!


  2. I feel your pain on the moving. At least its an adventure. Domino is so great and I really like that frame cluster too.


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