Scrapbook Style: Color Combos

Color combination is the most difficult for me.

When it comes to combining patterned papers, pictures and embellishments, I feel like I go "too simple" or "too busy."  I think picking the correct colors is essential.

Some designers are naturally gifted to this end. I am not.

I definitely have found some inspiration in other layouts, but I need something more simple.  

So, I find my inspiration with the pros: 

Williams Sonoma

My most favorite layout that I've done to date:

I love this layout because I think its very me.  I love the combo of these colors.  I love the pictures of me and my new puppy at the beach that I grew up on.  The only thing missing, of course, is my husband. :)

How do you combine colors? 

Scrapbook Style: Your mailbox!

Here's some more inspiration - You're mailbox! Yes, your mailbox.

There's nothing better than some free catalog inspiration! Right?

I went through my catalogs and pulled out pictures I liked. Then I stacked the pages into similar groups. (Dark colors, strong lines in one pile. Light colors, overstuffed furniture in another.)

There was DEFINITELY a theme... Do you think I like beige, green and teal or what? I swear I did NOT do this on purpose!

Photos: 1. Williams Sonoma; 2. Ballard Designs; 3. Pottery Barn; 4. Ballard Designs; 5. Pottery Barn; 6. Ballard Designs

That being said, I had already created this layout before I even did this exercise:

I think its worth a try. If you do try, please let me know how it goes!

What catalogs do you get? Which ones do you read cover to cover? Do you pull pages out of them?
Potterbarn, Williams Sonoma, Cb2, Ballard Designs, Design Within Reach? Who do you subscribe to? What issues did you save?

Scrapbook Style: What's in your Closet?

Take a walk into your closet, what is your favorite outfit (or concept for one, I have those. Ha!)?

What is it that makes you love it? A long strand of pearls, a bold color, the mix of colors, the tailoring, the print?

Go to one of your favorite websites, even ones that you can barely afford, but love to look at (yes, I do that) and find a bunch of things that you love out of their spring line. Is there a common thread?

These were my picks from JCrew's Spring line!

That purse at the bottom doesn't really belong. But, I love orange and look at that texture, how beautiful is that?!

I was going to try and do a layout that I liked to reflect these pics. Only, after I pulled this pictures, I realized I already did a layout with nearly the same colors!

Beige, brown, minty green, pearls, bling and an orange flair.

I would love to know what works for other people for inspiration.

Scrapbook Style: Establishing Your Own

I've been doing this for about 5 months. To be honest, I do not really see myself in my layouts.
It was beginning to frustrate me.
I was getting discouraged.
I wasn't connecting with what I was creating.

I needed to develop and establish my own style. Easier said then done, right?

I've tried minimalist. Traditional. Less Color. More Color. Multiple Photos.

They were all pretty, but I wasn't really connecting. I loved the paper, the embellishments, the pictures, but didn't LOVE it together.

So, on a trip to Leesburg, Virginia, I found a "muse." Several Beautiful Shops!

I said to one owner, "I could just move into your store. I could live here."
It was true. Her store was beautiful. It wasn't 100% me, but it was like 85% me. Here are some pictures that I took:

When I got home, I realized THAT was the look I LOVE!

I like order and clean, but with layers of complimentary colors.
I love pretty, but not too girly.
I like faded versions of primary colors, but not quite pastels.
I think.... still working on it.

So, try taking a picture in your favorite store and then print out the picture.

What is it that you like? The colors? The "layers"? The layouts? The staging? The flowers? The Lines? The chippy paint? The contrasts in styles?

So I took what I loved and I came up with some layouts that I really like. Not totally in love, but I'm getting there....

Worked for me. Maybe it will work for you??

5 Months In !

A good friend suggested I pick up a new hobby when my husband deployed. "Something you can do with your time and make something pretty." She said.

She generously handed me a "subscription" to a kit club that she was a fan of and told me to "go crazy." Crazy is right- who knew!? A world of beautiful paper combined with photography. Studio Calico. Even the name is pretty!

I'm trying it.

I'm a newbie at something again.

I am going to evolve.

I hope to improve.

I am inspired and seriously INTIMIDATED. Seriously, look around at the blogs, are these women kidding me?! could they be anymore creative?!


We have Liftoff!

I am starting my blog.

I want to share ideas, but more importantly, I HOPE people share ideas with me.

Starting something new, even a new hobby, is sometimes overwhelming. Especially when you walk into an already established world that you didn't know existed. Talk about intimidating.

I am doing this to encourage myself, but to also encourage other newbies. :)

Mostly, I hope to exchange ideas and musings with those of you who read this. Hello there! :)
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