Question & Some Inspiration

So...  one of the winners of the giveaway hasn't acknowledged the win and its been 10 days.  Not sure if she missed it or not, but I'm not sure what to do here.  Do I draw another name or do I wait some more.  Not sure what the appropriate Blog-etiquette is here.  :)  Thoughts?  Anybody?  I'm thinking of drawing another name on Wednesday if I don't hear anything.  Really need some thoughts here. 

Spent the weekend cleaning out the garage.  Sorted several footlockers of Army stuff.  Retained a bunch of stuff, including MRE's ("Meals Ready to Eat"), you know, in case the apocalypse comes.  Just so everyone knows, if the apocalypse comes, I'll be eating chicken fajitas. :)  Gotta love boys and their plans.

Doesn't this look appetizing?

xo!  Happy Monday!


  1. I always give giveaway winners a deadline for getting back to me. Mine is 48 hours, but some people have longer ones. After 10 days, I would personally choose another winner.

  2. Having a winner not collect their prize however odd it may seem does happen! From what I have witnessed the *giver* of the goodies just chooses a new winner based off of whatever they want and out the newly claimed prize goes. I have known of goodies going unclaimed THREE times! Can you believe that?! I have always checked the blogs etc of anything that I enter several times a week. So feel free to draw again because I entered and would love another chance ;)

    As far as the MREs go... I feel your pain! My crazy husband has managed to sneak a few into the pantry lol... I believe I have fiesta rice, scrambled eggs and some dessert. BLECK! We cracked one open just for "fun" when he got home from his last deployment and ohmygoodness they were awful!


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