Halloween Postcards

Just thought I'd share these awesome Halloween postcards from the NY Public Library.  
 Click to Enlarge

These could definitely work themselves into a layout, don't you think?

I also found this album on flick from ripetheskull

Happy Halloweening! xo

Halloween - Costume Suggestions Please!!

I definitely have more motivation to scrap lately.  Maybe it has to do with all the events... or the change in seasons... or finally settling into my apartment living (again). The move really took a lot out of me.  I think I get a big fat F in "army wive-ing" for that. :)  

My time this week, however, is dedicated to the next project - Planning our Halloween - Housewarming Party!  I'm so excited.  First, I've never actually hosted a party (scary!) and Second, I love Halloween!  I've been thinking a lot about it, but haven't actually had a lot of time to prepare, so prep all this week. 

A few weeks back, I sent out this "Save the Date" with a spooky vintage feel - found here.

I also liked this one, but didn't have time to edit it to take out "late afternoon"...

How cool are those?

I also LOVED this creepy City of New York Toe Tag Invitation (blank version - freebie found here) - SO appropriate for our Halloween party in NYC!!  Unfortunately, sending paper invitations to a group of 30-somethings in NYC was not going to work.  I am, however, going to try and figure out a way to use them somewhere!

Getting inspiration from other bloggers, magazines, etc.  I don't remember what I googled to find this layout of photos from bridalcanvas, but if anybody ever wanted to get married on Halloween, this was pretty cool!

Party is Saturday.  

I still have no costume, but I'm a little worried about other things.  I'm taking costume suggestions... Please! :)

Hope you're enjoying your week! xo!

Finally! A Layout!

I did it!  I finally did a layout!  Woot Woot!  First one I've done since moving back to NYC.  :)

It was fun.  The gals over at Studio Calico really know how to pick and coordinate beautiful papers from completely different lines.  I love this wood paper so much. I can think of a million things to use it for. The scalloped edge paper was great. 

The herringbone in that seafoam green... Ugh.... I DIE!  Love it.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Saturday!


After my own Heart!

A challenge after my own heart this week at Studio Calico!

Inspired my the ethereal dresses in the pictures from Friday's post, I was going to attempt to use those muted and seemingly monochromatic colors in a layout this week.

Seems like I'm just in time for this neat little Monday Challenge - Studio Calico's Monochromatic Challenge! ... and I even have inspiration already - Love it!

Anybody participating?


Happy Monday!

Inspiration: Fashion Week!

Happy Friday!  

New York is a buzz with Fashion Week.  The weather is cooling and I found a great cart for my morning coffee!!  Farewell Starbucks, its been real, but you're too expensive and no longer part of my budget.

As for my move...

I still have things in boxes or piled all over the place.  
Nothing is hung on the wall.  
My closet is my morning-nightmare. 

A recent bout of online shopping, in anticipation of 5 fall weddings (yes 5!) has reminded me what a beautiful closet looks like.  Behold....

Uhhh yeah.  Loving everything here.  Out of my price range, but online-window-shopping is fun!   So, when I find some time (and a clean surface), I am going to use this for some scrappy inspiration.  

In the meantime, I am using it as inspiration to organize my closet!


Army Wife Loses Mind Moving

Seriously, I think that could be a headline.  Since we started packing, everything has been neglected.  Now that we're unpacking, it might be worse.  

Recent Revelations:
1. I still dislike moving.  Not the relocation part, but the packing part.
2. No matter how good you think your movers are, there are always hidden surprises.
3. Downsizing from a 1600 sq. ft. house to a 700 sq. ft. apartment is complete INSANITY. 
4. I need to purge.  Purge a lot.  Craigslist might be getting more attention than e-mail.
5. I can sneak a dog into a hotel room, but I can't make him sleep. ;)

So enough of that.  I am still somewhat in boxes.  Especially my scrapbooking stuff.  That may not see the light of day for another week or so.  I may also need to do another giveaway.  Yes, seriously.

Found this today, which made my day!   Domino Magazine has a new home on Brides.com - check out the growing list here!  I'm currently reading "How to decorate a (very) small apartment"  Love this apartment.

Its amazing how wall paper can change an entire look.  Unfortunately, wall paper is out of the question for us, but something needs to be done!

Also love the "How to control your clutter" article. Uhhh, clutter? Why, yes, thank you - right here!

I definitely have a ton of books and several trays.  Corralling "stuff" in trays is my specialty. 

I realize, none of this has anything to do with scrapbooking, however, pretty things are always inspirational and having a good space to work in seems to be critical.

Happy Hump Day! xo!

Consensus & A New Winner!

Thanks for the feedback.  I have a beautiful box of scrap supplies waiting to go out to: Tracy!

Please send me your mailing address at prettypenguin7@gmail.com no later than Friday (I'm learning).  If I don't hear from you by Friday, I will draw another winner.  

Okay, off to clean up the coffee I JUST spilled all over my desk! :) ha!  Happy Hump Day!

Question & Some Inspiration

So...  one of the winners of the giveaway hasn't acknowledged the win and its been 10 days.  Not sure if she missed it or not, but I'm not sure what to do here.  Do I draw another name or do I wait some more.  Not sure what the appropriate Blog-etiquette is here.  :)  Thoughts?  Anybody?  I'm thinking of drawing another name on Wednesday if I don't hear anything.  Really need some thoughts here. 

Spent the weekend cleaning out the garage.  Sorted several footlockers of Army stuff.  Retained a bunch of stuff, including MRE's ("Meals Ready to Eat"), you know, in case the apocalypse comes.  Just so everyone knows, if the apocalypse comes, I'll be eating chicken fajitas. :)  Gotta love boys and their plans.

Doesn't this look appetizing?

xo!  Happy Monday!

Partly Sunny

Layout time!  This I did from the Studio Calico Partly Sunny kit.

This was one of my favorie pictures from vacation.  Probably because I want to eat everything in it!  Anyway, first try at a big picture on a layout.  Pretty fun, so I may try it again soon.

It's finally cooling down here in DC (high 80s). Happy Tuesday!


Giveaway Winners!

... and the winners are:


Thanks so much for playing along!! :)  Send me your info at prettypenguin7@gmail.com and I will get those boxes of goodies out to you!


The Domino Magazine Files!

TGIT!!!  Please, Please, Please don't forget to put a comment down for the giveaways, if you're interested.  

Also, thank you to everyone who listed favorite blogs.  Its been so great looking at all of them.  There are so many talented people out there!

Random for today, but I'm so excited.  The Domino Magazine Files! 

I used to love Domino magazine.  When it went out of print, I was bummed.  I hoarded all the copies I had!  Anyway, found this on Flickr and wanted to share!

It's almost the weekend!!!

As Promised...the Giveaways!!

Thanks everyone for playing along.  Here are the details: my giveaway pile includes lily bee, studio calico, making memories, my minds eye, jenni bowlin, sassafras, october afternoon, etc. it includes lots of letter stickers, thickers, rubs-ons, chipboards, ribbons, etc.

On Friday, I will pick 2 lucky winners who will get flat rate boxes of supplies.  Shipping is on me.  (No international winners, please...shipping is too expensive - sorry!).  If you're interested, leave me a comment with your favorite scrap or craft blog that you like to follow and I will draw two winners!

I also include some "scraps" of paper.  Things that are big enough that I would use, so I hope that doesn't offend anybody. :)

Off to use some more of this months kit!

Paper Art Inspiration

Happy Monday!

Some Monday afternoon inspiration in the form of beautiful paper art.  How awesome are these?

Yulia Brodskaya 
She also has a very cool website that I found: here. Incredible!

Check out his entire flickr stream, its awesome.

Yeah, I may be obsessed with these things for a while.  :)

Thank you all for playing along with me so that I can give away some awesome, but unused scrap supplies to fellow paper lovers.  We're almost at giveaway time and I'm really excited and hope that these supplies get used and posted on these new blogs that I'm following!

I have LOVED looking at your blogs (those that show them)- they're AWESOME.  I've started putting them in my feed to follow.  So fun!  Totally unexpected benefit of this giveaway.  

The move is starting to creep up on me.  Moving always stresses me out.  You would think as an Army Wife that I would have this licked, but alas... NO.  Unlike most military wives, I am SO NOT a pro at this.  :)  I'm having nightmares about mattress boxes and bubble wrap.  What's wrong with me!?

Hubby is up in NYC today trying to find us a place to live.  Fingers crossed that we find a happy little shoebox for us and our not-so-little puppy! 

Hope you're all having a great start to your week!


Cookies the size of my face!!!

Who doesn't love cookies the size of their face!? 

I am using my Studio Calico kit from this month. I'm doing it.  All of the patterned papers are from this months kit.  I also used a bunch of pearls that I had.

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where (if at all) I should journal on this page.  Any suggestions?

Getting ready for our first of several moving Yard Sales this weekend! 

Making some progress going through my scrap cabinet to get ready for the giveaway.

Happy Friday everyone!!!


It's almost time.  Thanks to everyone for playing along! :)

Graphic Layout

I found this map right after we found out that we were moving.  I know there is no picture, but I really loved the colors, so I wanted to use it for a layout. 

For now, I just wanted something that would serve as a memory of the announcement!

I used foam dots to give the map some 3D appeal. 

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and really happy that I got to use some of the new Studio Calico kit!  :)

Thanks for looking! :)


Its moving time, which means its time for me to get real about what is actually moving.
What is not moving is a bunch of scrap supplies that I have been hoarding during my "scrapless time" (see below description of scrap-fail).  

I haven't taken a total inventory yet, but once I get 50 followers, I will post details.

Spread the word to anybody who could use a few free supplies! :)

Puppy Love

I absolutely love my puppy and I love this picture of him with the toilet paper.  

Grabbed it and ran out of the bathroom to have a little sit-and-chew.   

He loves toilet paper and paper towels.

I ran out of the letter "s" so I made a letter out of the jewel things.  It actually looks pretty good in person, but for some reason I couldn't get a good photo of it.

Inspiration: Patterned Paper

I have read posts by some scrappers who find their inspiration in the products.  

I've tried that, but sometimes I have a hard time because I don't feel like the products match the pictures I want to scrap.

Finally, I found a piece of patterned paper that inspired me to scrap differently.  Paper first. Picture second. Yeah! :)

Studio Calico's February kit came with THIS patterned paper from their Homefront line:

With my husband in the Army, we move a lot.  We've called so many places "home" and every new home comes with a new floor plan.  Seriously, every time we move a floor plan is one of the first things I try and get my hands on.

Our current house is on post, which is a first, but we're lucky because its nice.  The layout downstairs, however, is a little challenging.  At least for me.  There's one room that is sort of like a "great room."  It was empty for the LONGEST time.  My husband called it the bowling alley because it was long and empty. 

With some persistent flea market shopping, I finally got it set up in a way that I like.  So, I took a picture of my bowling alley turned dining room/reading room and scrapped it on this paper.

Not exactly the way I hoped it would turn out, but I'm pretty happy I got the bowling alley on paper!

Scrap Fail

Okay, I've almost had a total scrap fail.  

I have nearly 4 beautiful Studio Calico kits sitting in my house and haven't barely touched one of them.

Life has simply got in the way. Big life. Serious life.

But then, life laughs at me and reminds me that I should enjoy this little hobby.  

The little things that are happy, like pictures and beautiful patterned paper.

So, I thought I would put up a layout I did a couple months ago on the Studio Calico community gallery for some inspiration.  I got some wonderful feedback.  Seriously, it was like you all knew that was the boost I needed.  (How did you know?)

.... And then This! Layout of the week!?  Seriously!?  I'm so flattered, I almost fell off the couch!  Then, instead of congratulating me, my husband sternly told me to start cutting and pasting. 

  :)  Thank you to all of you lovely and talented scrappers out there!  You made my month!!

I did this layout using Studio Calico's Joyland which is still available.  

The pictures I took as part of Project 365 and involved a self-timer, a big field, my husband and me running back and forth like an idiot.  THANK GOD Nobody was around. :)

New Layouts!

Two other layouts that I did. 

Once I did them, I decided that they didn't have enough dimension.  I'm not sure how to fix that, but there it is... suggestions welcome!

Both of these were done using parts of the Studio Calico Kits I was trying some new things out.  Some things worked, some things didn't. :)


So here's a serious confession - my love of scrap booking has been derailed... by life!

First it was work.  Then it was getting sick for a couple weeks.  Then, it was being behind.  So behind, in fact, that its almost embarrassing.

I have two beautifully assembled SC kits that are still neatly stacked and packaged, sitting there, looking at me. **sigh**

I am determined to get back on track.  Maybe this coming weekend.  Scrapping at night has been difficult because of long work days, but I might be able to enjoy doing one layout per night.  I don't think I will be caught up.  

Plus, I am anticipating the new SC kit in the next couple of weeks.  In order to not feel so overwhelmed, I think I must put some stuff in the ever-growing give-away pile.  If I save it, I drive myself nutso trying to use it all.

Wish me luck! :)


So the content this week will be light on layouts. 

Work trip is seriously interfering with creativity.

Hopefully, I'll have the weekend to be scrap happy and play with all the lovely things that I got in my SC kit this month. Horray!

I still have scraps from last month that I want to use, I just loved that kit so much, I could almost marry it! :)

Butterfly Punches!

Another post dealing with my favorite tool (Martha Stewart Bfly Punches) and the Spring...

Another great project from LollyChops, derived from the Ali Edwards Project that I posted yesterday.  Instructions for these beautiful hybrids can be found at the LollyChops link above.


The asymmetrical design is very cool as well. Hmmm, maybe I can use this sort of thing in a layout? I may try that tonight!

Scorpios and Scrap Happy

After a long and intense day at work, I got home last night to find:

(1) my sweet husband already grilling dinner
(2) my sweet puppy giving lots of licks 
(3) my new kit from Studio Calico
Doesn't that just sound perfect?

In addition to a blazingly beautiful kit this month...THIS Martha Stewart punch I ordered was also in the box!
So, on my ride into work today, I was thinking about how much I love my MS punches.  I do.  They're so feminine and girly (which is not always me) and they always help me add that dimension and little something to my pages.

I get on my page here to profess my affection and I have a comment from SC designer Sasha Farina!  I die! :)  Her blog is awesome and today she's professing her love for Martha's butterfly punches as well!  So, I'll just agree with Sasha, my fellow Scorpio!

I will leave you with this inspiration... discovered when I was looking for the photo above:

Through a bunch of different blogs, I tracked this beauty back to Ali Edwards who has an amazingly beautiful blog.  Anyway, that link takes you to her step by step directions for this really cool project.

I think I could do this... :)

February Layouts - Studio Calico Kit

 In anticipation of my new kit coming in the mail (maybe tomorrow!), I thought I would post my layouts from the Studio Calico kit from February.  Which I loved.  



I may have a couple more coming, but I'm still working on them.

(I am also practicing some blog security, so forgive the "watermark" on the layouts. )

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