Scrapbook Style: Your mailbox!

Here's some more inspiration - You're mailbox! Yes, your mailbox.

There's nothing better than some free catalog inspiration! Right?

I went through my catalogs and pulled out pictures I liked. Then I stacked the pages into similar groups. (Dark colors, strong lines in one pile. Light colors, overstuffed furniture in another.)

There was DEFINITELY a theme... Do you think I like beige, green and teal or what? I swear I did NOT do this on purpose!

Photos: 1. Williams Sonoma; 2. Ballard Designs; 3. Pottery Barn; 4. Ballard Designs; 5. Pottery Barn; 6. Ballard Designs

That being said, I had already created this layout before I even did this exercise:

I think its worth a try. If you do try, please let me know how it goes!

What catalogs do you get? Which ones do you read cover to cover? Do you pull pages out of them?
Potterbarn, Williams Sonoma, Cb2, Ballard Designs, Design Within Reach? Who do you subscribe to? What issues did you save?

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