Scrapbook Style: Color Combos

Color combination is the most difficult for me.

When it comes to combining patterned papers, pictures and embellishments, I feel like I go "too simple" or "too busy."  I think picking the correct colors is essential.

Some designers are naturally gifted to this end. I am not.

I definitely have found some inspiration in other layouts, but I need something more simple.  

So, I find my inspiration with the pros: 

Williams Sonoma

My most favorite layout that I've done to date:

I love this layout because I think its very me.  I love the combo of these colors.  I love the pictures of me and my new puppy at the beach that I grew up on.  The only thing missing, of course, is my husband. :)

How do you combine colors? 

1 comment:

  1. This is a great layout. I love the colours.
    For some reason I only use a couple colours on my layouts.


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