Scrapbook Style: What's in your Closet?

Take a walk into your closet, what is your favorite outfit (or concept for one, I have those. Ha!)?

What is it that makes you love it? A long strand of pearls, a bold color, the mix of colors, the tailoring, the print?

Go to one of your favorite websites, even ones that you can barely afford, but love to look at (yes, I do that) and find a bunch of things that you love out of their spring line. Is there a common thread?

These were my picks from JCrew's Spring line!

That purse at the bottom doesn't really belong. But, I love orange and look at that texture, how beautiful is that?!

I was going to try and do a layout that I liked to reflect these pics. Only, after I pulled this pictures, I realized I already did a layout with nearly the same colors!

Beige, brown, minty green, pearls, bling and an orange flair.

I would love to know what works for other people for inspiration.


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