Scrapbook Style: Establishing Your Own

I've been doing this for about 5 months. To be honest, I do not really see myself in my layouts.
It was beginning to frustrate me.
I was getting discouraged.
I wasn't connecting with what I was creating.

I needed to develop and establish my own style. Easier said then done, right?

I've tried minimalist. Traditional. Less Color. More Color. Multiple Photos.

They were all pretty, but I wasn't really connecting. I loved the paper, the embellishments, the pictures, but didn't LOVE it together.

So, on a trip to Leesburg, Virginia, I found a "muse." Several Beautiful Shops!

I said to one owner, "I could just move into your store. I could live here."
It was true. Her store was beautiful. It wasn't 100% me, but it was like 85% me. Here are some pictures that I took:

When I got home, I realized THAT was the look I LOVE!

I like order and clean, but with layers of complimentary colors.
I love pretty, but not too girly.
I like faded versions of primary colors, but not quite pastels.
I think.... still working on it.

So, try taking a picture in your favorite store and then print out the picture.

What is it that you like? The colors? The "layers"? The layouts? The staging? The flowers? The Lines? The chippy paint? The contrasts in styles?

So I took what I loved and I came up with some layouts that I really like. Not totally in love, but I'm getting there....

Worked for me. Maybe it will work for you??

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