Paper Art Inspiration

Happy Monday!

Some Monday afternoon inspiration in the form of beautiful paper art.  How awesome are these?

Yulia Brodskaya 
She also has a very cool website that I found: here. Incredible!

Check out his entire flickr stream, its awesome.

Yeah, I may be obsessed with these things for a while.  :)

Thank you all for playing along with me so that I can give away some awesome, but unused scrap supplies to fellow paper lovers.  We're almost at giveaway time and I'm really excited and hope that these supplies get used and posted on these new blogs that I'm following!

I have LOVED looking at your blogs (those that show them)- they're AWESOME.  I've started putting them in my feed to follow.  So fun!  Totally unexpected benefit of this giveaway.  

The move is starting to creep up on me.  Moving always stresses me out.  You would think as an Army Wife that I would have this licked, but alas... NO.  Unlike most military wives, I am SO NOT a pro at this.  :)  I'm having nightmares about mattress boxes and bubble wrap.  What's wrong with me!?

Hubby is up in NYC today trying to find us a place to live.  Fingers crossed that we find a happy little shoebox for us and our not-so-little puppy! 

Hope you're all having a great start to your week!



  1. I wouldnt beat yourself up about the move too much! Take this from a fellow military wife! My husband is in the Air Force and I made the 1600 mile move from NH where I has spent my whole life to Florida... VAST change! You will get the hang of it eventually I promise :) We are moving again in Jan. Not too far away this time but I am really excited to be moving into a bigger house! I am looking to take the second biggest room in the house and turn it into my scrap studio ( or my estrogen cave as my husband so lovingly calls it lol) There will be many many good things that come from this move for you both, just look forward to those and they should get you through it just fine!


  2. Sara - NH to FL is a SERIOUS change. Dang!! Sounds like CT to TX (my first move). :) Thanks for the encouragement and I LOVE the "estrogen cave" - hysterical!!!

  3. HEY!!

    I just became your 50th folower!!! HOW FUN!!! NEAT!!! Tracy at You can follow my teenie blog as well if you like at

    Can't wait to see what kind of giveaways you have!!


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