Scrap Fail

Okay, I've almost had a total scrap fail.  

I have nearly 4 beautiful Studio Calico kits sitting in my house and haven't barely touched one of them.

Life has simply got in the way. Big life. Serious life.

But then, life laughs at me and reminds me that I should enjoy this little hobby.  

The little things that are happy, like pictures and beautiful patterned paper.

So, I thought I would put up a layout I did a couple months ago on the Studio Calico community gallery for some inspiration.  I got some wonderful feedback.  Seriously, it was like you all knew that was the boost I needed.  (How did you know?)

.... And then This! Layout of the week!?  Seriously!?  I'm so flattered, I almost fell off the couch!  Then, instead of congratulating me, my husband sternly told me to start cutting and pasting. 

  :)  Thank you to all of you lovely and talented scrappers out there!  You made my month!!

I did this layout using Studio Calico's Joyland which is still available.  

The pictures I took as part of Project 365 and involved a self-timer, a big field, my husband and me running back and forth like an idiot.  THANK GOD Nobody was around. :)

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